Online Registration & Ticketing

Implement cutting-edge event onsite tech solutions that create frictionless onsite experiences.

Onsite Registration

Create a seamless onsite experience for attendees with the help of our event onsite solutions

As Southeast Asia’s leading industry partner for event onsite technologies, we help MICE event organizers build efficient, scalable onsite processes for large scale events through the integrated use of man and machine.

Our onsite team of event technology experts will guide you through onsite planning and logistics from day one, integrating with your processes to become your pillar of strength from start to finish. Expect only high quality service from our onsite specialists as customer success is our number one rule.

With flexible hardware deployment, cross-platform support, and smart name badge printing tools, we have ensured thousands of events to run smoothly without a hitch. Our mission to achieve excellence and consistency in delivering quality event experiences helps us to ensure that we only deliver great events.

Onsite Check-In with Mobile Devices

Enhance onsite check-in convenience through cross-platform software support

To ensure a seamless experience of onsite check-ins, we developed true cross-platform software support to ensure each of your guests is able to check themselves in on any device within a few clicks — be it desktop or mobile.

On-Demand Badge Printing

Eliminate the fuss of bulk printing through automated name badge production

After a lightning-fast check-in, the event attendees can quickly collect their smart name badges. With intelligent GSI on-demand printing technology, you won’t keep anyone waiting.

Custom Name Badge Design

Maximize networking opportunities with configurable name badges

Based on attendees’ profiles, you can color code the name badges for delegates, exhibitors, speakers, media, and more. Design actionable name badges that reflect different types of registrations to strengthen onsite networking.

Smart Onsite Self-Service Kiosk

Reduce manpower and accelerate registration through self-service kiosks

An essential part of GEVME Onsite technology is the deployment of self check-in kiosks that speed up registration. Use customizable tablet and laptop settings to encourage independent check-ins to minimize manpower.

Session Tracking with RFID

Track attendees’ interactions onsite with RFID

Understand your attendee’s journey at your events to tailor the right activities for your audience. Our RFID tracking technology helps generate views on session attendance, duration, check-in patterns, and floor visits.

Onsite project management

Ensure the smart conduct of onsite event processes

Solve any issue that could derail the success of your event team. With our workflow management solutions and robust integrations, you will build an excellent communication system for event organizers. Ensure impeccable onsite event management through well coordinated work.

Onsite attendance analytics

Adjust your event experiences based on detailed attendance analytics

Gain valuable insights from event attendance through our tracking technology. View the data on a centralized dashboard or extract reports in any desired format. Collect, systemize, improve.

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