Yesterday was a night of glitter as brands and agencies from all over Asia converge at Marketing Events Awards 2013. Prior to the event, we heard that we have beaten 11 other submissions to be among the 4 Finalists. At the end of the night, we are glad that we went one better than the last award we participated – a Silver Award for Best Online Driver.

Silver Award for Best Online Driver.

As the only B2B technology provider among the finalists (the rest were consumer-driven events), we know that it’s not easy to be up against consumer-driven sites, where viral traffic generation is more straightforward than in a B2B context. Our focus was on online engagement – low bounce rate, right user experience, strong content with the support of the client and PR agency. The partnership with the client was important in this aspect, and credit must go to them for investing in the resources to provide rich content in a B2B context.

As we move on from this win, we draw learnings, as well as technology, continue to change. I sum it up as the 3Cs – Content, Context, Conversion, supported by the right digital framework, user-friendly CMS, SEO-friendly content framework, right user-journey and social sharing widgets for the viral effect, albeit in a B2B context. Online is a journey that never stops. Ongoing iterations are necessary to adapt to changes in the online environment. It’s exciting times ahead as we introduce new technology and methodologies to suit the online environment.