When it comes to handling personal data in Singapore, security is top priority — especially when it’s online. When your customers provide their personal details for a mailing list subscription, or perhaps to download an online book you’ve written, they should rest easy knowing you have their data safe in your hands.

The Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), passed by Parliament on 15th October 2012, was created:

  1. To govern the use, disclosure, and care of personal data by private organizations
  2. To recognize the rights of individuals to protect their personal data

So what are the 9 obligations of the PDPA that you have to follow as an organization in Singapore?

  1. Consent Obligation
  2. Purpose Limitation Obligation
  3. Notification Obligation
  4. Access & Correction Obligation
  5. Accuracy Obligation
  6. Protection Obligation
  7. Retention Limitation Obligation
  8. Transfer Limitation Obligation
  9. Openness Obligation

It is the responsibility of the organization to comply with the PDPA. To help with this compliance, we’ve taken the steps to ensure our events management platform GEVME is PDPA-compliant, giving our event professionals a peace of mind when using our product.

Are you PDPA-compliant?