Singapore offers a lot to its visitors, it’s not just the high-end shopping malls but also the fine luxury hotels, as well as the exquisite fine dining. Everything considered, it’s really worth indulging a bit. Whether you’re planning an intimate dinner or shooting to have some fun and enjoy your journey at your next corporate party, there are several event locations and a list of event facility worth checking out.

Facilities for an event in Singapore offer unique attributes that will fit any special occasion. You can actually search online to find the best venues to organize events in Singapore.

How to choose a venue

Depending on the type of function you’re looking to host, there are several places for an event in Singapore. Before picking out the best place, consider the type of function you’re having, the guests, outcome, as well as the status of your event. The guest list, type of event as well as the budget will play a major role in selecting where to organize events in Singapore. Listed below are some the venues available in Singapore.

Top ten venues in Singapore

1. The White Rabbit

It provides a truly unique atmosphere the restaurant has a classic look. Altogether, it’s well organized and identifies with European cuisine, and the interiors are very impressive. It hosts 120 seated and up to 250 standing. Additionally, there is a nicely intimate outdoor globe. The exterior has lighting and can accommodate 60 chairs and 300 people standing.

2. Flutes

Located in Singapore’s oldest museum, it comes highly recommended with the best service. Also, the space is perfect for anybody looking to fully impress his or her clients, inside this  historical museum. It has three areas, and one can choose where they want to host their event. The main dining room which can host 80, is complimented by a small dining room hosting 30. Lastly, the outdoor terrace hosts 40 people.

3. Kaiserhaus

Very sophisticated but serving high comfort food reminiscent of the previous Habsburg Empire accompanied by detailed attention in the new Capitol Theatre. It has an upstairs bar that is connected to the theater, which is perfect for guests to fully enjoy their dinner and night show. The upstairs bar hosts 70 people and 100 standing while the private dining rooms host 18 seated and 30 standing.

4. The Projector

This is a local but independent indie cinema that can be transformed to meet all your needs. An excellent venue for throwing a party and later turning to the cinema for business lectures or films. You may choose whatever you like. It has two cinema areas which can hold between 150 to 230, and the café areas mostly meant for standing cocktail parties can host up to 200 people standing.

5. Cook & Brew at the Westin

This is a friendly bar and lounge that’s located in the CBD. It has a very friendly menu. There are several options as well as packages and locations. Mostly preferred for its  cocktail parties, dinners or even networking events. The lounge capacity can hold 150 to 200 while the dining area hosts 88 people.

6. LeVeL33

This is a cool but urban brewery that overlooks the Marina Bay. It provides home-brewed beers as well as an elegant location. It’s a nice place to hang out after office hours. The dining room hosts 110 to 220 people, standing while the private dining rooms can host up to 26 visitors.

7. The Screening Room

This is a boutique theater that has a trendy rooftop bar if you want to get away from the CBD. It offers an extensive menu and has a shop house for a fun option for events. The theater rooms host 35 to 50 people while the rooftop hosts 100.

8. Alkaff Mansion Ristorante

Offers authentic Italian cuisines and provides intimate surrounding for enjoying your time with clients and workmates. It holds 60 to 100 people at the main level, while the second level, hosts 100 to 150 standing.

9. Pollen at Gardens by the Bay

This is an award winning location inside an iconic landmark in Singapore. The cuisine here is modern European and can host 80 in the dining room and 40 to 60 pax at the bistro bar.

10. Me@OUE

A classic space for mostly corporate events. Offers three menus; Japanese, French as well as Chinese. The diversity makes it is the perfect place to be. Hosts 90 to 200 at the main dining room, while the private room hosts 12 to 35, on the other hand, the outdoor lounge hosts 50 to 150.

Cheap venues

There are several low-end venues where you can successfully host an event in Singapore. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Clarke Quay
  • Dempsey
  • Duxton Hill
  • Boat Quay

Luxury venues

To be considered as a luxurious event, the facilities must exude class, tranquility, and high-standards. One such venue is the Marina at Keppel Bay


There are several places that one can visit while in Singapore and have fun to the fullest, either with the company of loved ones or fellow workmates. It’s good to ensure that you end up selecting the best available facility with a first-class photographer to capture the moments.