Every seasoned event planner knows that a good Wi-Fi router is not enough for making the event venue SMART in 2017. With the digital technology progressing by leaps and bounds, event venues are losing their old faces and embracing the power of innovative tech tools.

SMART venues can help you increase revenue and security at the event, as well as boost attendees satisfaction. So, what’s the secret of turning “plain venues for events” into “SMART venues for event” and how do you find the right agenda to reach this goal?

SMART event venue definition

Event visitors expect two things when they enter the venue: convenience and engagement. While the first aspect is all about connectivity and devices, the second one requires letting your creativity make the show. SMART event venue of the future is the venue that makes the good use of the latest technology to elevate event attendees’ experiences.

SMART event venue definition

How to choose the future event venue?

To find a venue for an event and make it SMART, an event planner has to brush up on several essential points:

#1. Be mindful of your goals.

You can stuff the venue full with the fanciest AI-enhanced systems and immersive technology, but if it doesn’t resonate with the format, – your venue budget is a waste. To establish the right goals, start from the ending. With what thoughts your event guests are expected to leave the venue? What benefits or knowledge should the event deliver? Once you’re clear on this point, it will be easier to focus on the target SMART venue aspects. Let’s say, you want your event attendees to connect and grow into a strong client community. Venue goal example: facilitate the area for ideas’ exchange, think about bringing in chatbots, live FAQ apps or other tech tools that can be used for interaction.

#2. Survey your audience.

If you’re not sure about how the future event venue should look like, consult your audience. Using surveys or polls to capture the venue feedback can help derive the critical lessons and adjust the strategy in future.

#3. Consider accessibility.

To impress the event attendees, you have to get them through the door first. Choose only those event locations that are easy-to-reach and make sure the guests will know how to reach them. You can create a pre-event video or a detailed map and spread them throughout the community to make sure no one gets lost on a big day.

#4. Adjust inner space.

Unique event venues of the future should not only have SMART tools but also install them in proper locations. In fact, it is better if you start thinking about technology facilitation from the space perspective to understand which tools will fit in.

#5. Fill it up.

This is the stage where you have to invest your heart and mind in the advanced technology. Conduct detailed research on new event trends and find out what’s out there. Bring innovation in and enjoy the results!

Key features for choosing the event venue

The best way to find out how your SMART event venue should look like is switch to the attendee’s role. Here are the essential features, which will, definitely, impact your event attendance experience:

  • Easy-to-change design. Branding is crucial. When you enter the venue, you want to see, smell, and feel the unique touch of a brand in every small detail at the location of an event. A venue-transformer with easy-to-change design is an asset here.
  • Access to event technology. SMART tech tools shouldn’t just lay there and shine. You should know how to use it and whether it can benefit your experience or is just the waste of time.

Access to event technology.

  • High-speed Internet. This one isn’t a SMART level anymore, but rather a “usual” level. Still, without the high-speed internet, any event activities will have no future.

How to get more from the event venues?

The best event venue is the one that starts impacting people even before the event start and leaves lasting memories behind. Check out these three tips that will help you fully utilize event venue advantages.

  1. Extend the message. Mobile technology can help with building a hype around your special event venues. Make the unique venue story a part of your marketing strategy and it will bring you a traffic inflow!
  2. Personalize. By using the technology that measures engagement at the venue of event, you get acquainted with your attendees’ preferences. Use the data to personalize expertise at the next event and you’ll make people feel that they are special!
  3. Don’t replace empathy with technology. Although SMART technology provides automation and convenience, it can’t give your event attendees emotions. Use digital tools as a smart supplement, the instrument for making things easy-to-handle, but don’t try to replace the human touch completely.

Don’t replace empathy with technology.

How can you make the venue selection process smoother?

Don’t take it as a big burden! If you take a smart approach to event venue finding, you turn a challenge into an adventure. Here are some tips that can help you simplify things:

  • Get it all on paper. If your goals and strategies are well-documented, you can avoid the hussle in the responsible moment.
  • Negotiate. Well, unusual event venues can be expensive. However proper words in a proper way can open doors!
  • Record. Keep a track of your explorations. Just sit down after the event, study feedback and analytics, and start writing. Believe me, this piece of paper will be of great help for you when the time comes.

Trends affecting venue selection

To find event venues that fit into the age of technology, you have to study event trends. Check out some of the trends in events that shape the art of choosing excellent locations for events:

#1. Unique venues rule! People love creativity. So, maybe organizing a corporate event in a museum isn’t that crazy as it seems?

#2. Relationships can change everything. Remember, machines don’t substitute people, they complement processes!

#3. Technology is a must. Venue of the event in 2017 demands SMART tools. You can’t escape, you can’t change it, you can just love it!

If you have any questions, concerns, thoughts, or just a passion for the event industry, don’t hesitate to contact us!