2018 North Korea–United States Summit

A seamless registration flow and security at a historic event


The 2018 DPRK–USA Summit was one of the world’s most long-awaited political meetings of the year, and it focused on the issue of denuclearisation. For the first time in history, on June 12, 2018, a North Korean leader and a U.S. president met on Sentosa Island in Singapore. GlobalSign.in was honored to be an official event technology provider at the summit.


Develop a secure technological environment both online and on the ground

With just three weeks of preparation, the team needed to achieve a range of objectives:
Create an efficient onsite registration flow that would fit well with the venue infrastructure
Put security mechanisms into place in terms of software and data access control
Establish cooperation with multiple stakeholders—from security personnel to end users


An activation of the existing expertise and the use of numerous testing rounds to enable foolproof security

There were five GEVME solutions chosen specifically for the event: online registration, onsite check-in, onsite photo taking, onsite security check, and name badge printing. Thanks to four-step testing and stringent data access control, all of the apps operated flawlessly and in sync.


Security, compliance, and integration out of the box

“The client, which was the Government of Singapore, was provided with an out-of-the-box solution—an integrated SaaS product. This means the system had already been tested and [was] compliant with the key security standards right from the start.” – Veemal Gundagin, CEO of GlobalSign.in

Because GEVME is ISO 27001 certified and PDPA compliant, the team was able to meet numerous stakeholder requirements within a very tight timeline. To enable flawless performance, some auditing and testing had to be completed, but apart from that, the platform was fully aligned with the government’s requirements.




personalised solutions for online and onsite registration


weeks of preparation