Board of Investment, Mauritius

End-to-end event management


Board of Investment (BOI) is the national investment promotion agency founded by the government of Mauritius. With a focus on facilitating investments, BOI is the primary point of contact for investors seeking business opportunities in the region around Mauritius.


Discover an all-in-one EMS supporting each stage of an event lifecycle

Before beginning their cooperation with GEVME, BOI relied on their own internal system for event management. Since they couldn’t fully meet their own requirements, they decided to hire a flexible event management service that would help streamline the basic processes of event organisation. Here are three major goals that BOI pursued:
- Simplify online and onsite registration
- Accelerate name badge printing on the ground
- Find a working solution for real-time report management


An integrated event management system without a steep learning curve

GEVME was selected by the BOI team as an all-in-one event management solution that enables excellent user adoption. From robust email building to automated reporting, the team at BOI used GEVME to amp up their entire event management journey.


Accelerated reporting and one-click RSVP technology

While addressing the main pain points of the BOI event organisers, GEVME facilitated smart segmentation and real-time reporting that helped generate registration reports on a daily basis—one of the key solutions that the agency had been looking for. Also, our team offered BOI an easy-to-use email builder, which enabled seamless RSVP experiences.


years of experience

A multi-year

contract with the team


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