World Cities Summit 2016 & MSE 2017

Boosting event awareness through comprehensive event website solutions


With a focus on sustainable urban solutions, the biennial World Cities Summit is an event platform for government leaders and experts in the sphere of city development. Manufacturing Solutions Expo (MSE) is an annual exhibition showcasing innovative technologies related to the manufacturing industry. United in a common goal, these two events leveraged GEVME as a solution for improving their event websites.


Accelerate updating processes on event websites

Ensuring that attendees always got the most up-to-date event information was crucial for both events because it had a direct impact on attendance. The key goal was to find an easy-to-use website-building service to simplify the process of updating the following sets of data:
- Event agenda
- Speakers list
- List of partners and sponsors


Introduction of the Agenda Module on the GEVME Website Builder

With the new module for agenda management, we introduced predefined fields on the GEVME Website Builder. This new feature allowed event organisers to search sessions and specific programme parts much faster than they had been able to do before. In this way, we managed to satisfy the requirement of frequent updates by automating the organiser’s work with session titles, lists of speakers, start time, session descriptions, tagging, and much more.


One toolkit for time-efficient website content updating

The opportunity to edit content from the backend through agenda and speakers modules helped the organising teams implement any changes they needed to make both quickly and efficiently. Since no updates were made directly on the web pages, it prevented the threat of human errors.




working solution


guests at MSE