World Community for Christian Meditation

Foolproof registration system for religious retreats


World Community for Christian Meditation (WCCM) is a religious non-profit organization that runs regular retreats for its followers with the aim of spreading the knowledge about Christian meditative practices. Governed by volunteers, WCCM managed its first retreats manually. With the growth of attendance, the urgent need to automate the process emerged.


To establish an integrated registration, payments, and check-in system for retreats with 700+ attendees.

The use of spreadsheets in the management of event workload was quite time-consuming for the WCCM team of volunteers. Therefore, based on the increased level of retreat registrations, the organization started looking for a fully automated event management system that would help achieve the following goals:
- Launch an actionable event page with the integrated registration
- Facilitate a flexible onsite check-in system for the registration of 700+ attendees
- Automate the workflow management to minimize time and labor effort


Personalized event management with minimal manpower

The cooperation of WCCM with GEVME was directed on providing organization volunteers with tools that can help simplify a setup of retreat events. To teach the team automate event planning, the services of website development, onsite, and registration management were employed.


An event management toolkit for retreat organization was standardized

Simplifying retreat organization for WCCM, GEVME team created a great showcase of event management integration for religious events. The organization volunteers were introduced to the method of building event pages without preliminary training, checking in 700+ guests in one hour, and accelerating registration efficiency through online & offline payment streams.


attendees checked-in during one hour


team members could fully manage the event workload


payment formats – online and offline were set up