Automation in each step of online award management.


Judgify Awards Management Software

Judgify is the online platform for simplified planning and production of award events. With its intuitive interface and actionable features, Judgify makes submission and judging easy with no preliminary training.

Judgify Awards Management Software


Simple contest creation

Create a landing page, define criteria, and determine desired payment methods. Get all set on powering an online contest just in few simple steps.

Judging and public voting

With configurable judging criteria and easy judges assignment, you can take your events to an international level. Enable online judging and public voting anywhere, anytime.

Simple contest creation, Judging and public voting


Submissions collection

View, track, and filter submissions - all on one platform.

Automated scores and reports

Tabulate scores and customize reports easily. Keep awards events of any size under your control.

Submissions collection, Automated scores and reports


Simplify your awards management experiences with one easy-to-use tool

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