This week, we take great pride in supporting 3 major events which happened simultaneously in 3 separate countries. GlobalSignIn provides a range of top-notch services where we push the boundaries of event technology to offer seamless and memorable experiences to all attendees.

1.  Singapore

The largest FinTech Festival in Asia kicked off at the Singapore Expo and Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, bringing together the global financial community in a week-long celebration of FinTech, technology risk, cyber security, and regulations. The platform aims to attract start-ups, technology companies, investors, financial institutions, research institutes – and even innovation professionals.

Fintech festival Our products and services offered to more than 12,000 delegates

Registration and Our event sessions check-in and tracking

We provided our products and services to the following events at the FinTech Festival:

  • FinTech Conference Day 1

  • FinTech Conference Day 2

  • ABS-MAS Tech Risk Conference


2. China

The 3rd China Silk Road International Logistics Expo took off in Lianyungang, China. The global message for the 3rd China Silk Road Logistics Expo is Co-construct and Share Lianyungang as a Sea Base, Build Land Bridge Economic Cooperation Corridor.

Thrilled to be part of an event of such a scale

The training ongoing for our check-in with TV real-time notification prior to the event

3. Myanmar

This year, the ASOCIO ICT SUMMIT happened in Myanmar, Yangon. This event brings together people from 31 different countries. Chairmen, CEOs, senior leaders of businesses, government leaders, representative of ICT related government agencies are all coming together to discuss a significant topic regarding the ICT industry development in Myanmar.

Our passionate and driven event planning and management team in Myanmar

Our passionate and driven event planning and management team in Myanmar

Here’s how we powered all three events while making sure everything went perfectly smooth:

Online Registration & Ticketing

Through our event management and marketing platform, GEVME, we helped to create a seamless online registration experience for all the attendees present at the events. Event organizers were able to make use of our highly customizable registration form that is both smart and responsive. Furthermore, they were driving ticket sales with our customizable ticket settings and simple payment methods.

Onsite registration, Check-in & Name badge printing

Event Sessions Check-ins/Tracking

GEVME provided a hassle-free onsite check-in experience for all the attendees through the use of QR codes and barcodes. Attendees were delighted to be able to check themselves in. We also printed personalised name badges that served as icebreakers at the events, thus creating a comfortable networking atmosphere for the attendees.

Using RFID for event sessions tracking

Our team made use of RFID event sessions tracking to check the attendance for the conference at FinTech Conference day 1 and day 2. It’s a subtle and efficient method of tracking the performance of events and measuring the return-on-investments.

Event Sessions Check-ins/Tracking

With GEVME, the Event Organizers created multiple check-in sessions to track attendance of the attendees each day. They were thus able to filter those who registered but didn’t show up and at the same time, tracked those who came.

Event Website Implementation

GEVME helped in creating responsive landing pages that were easily customizable, SEO-friendly and social media ready.

Onsite Attendee Management

GEVME managed the attendees’ database by using smart lists and generated the reports that was needed to bring all three events to the next level.

Registration Counter Design

The long counter with the Asocio ICT summit 2016

Global Connect Asia (GCA), our sister company was super generous as they helped in providing the design of the vinyl as an extra service for the registration counter at the ASOCIO SUMMIT 2016.

Year after year, we are proving that GlobalSignIn is becoming THE event technology provider in Asia, and the world. Here at GlobalSignIn, we don’t like boasting about our work because that’s not part of our DNA – but from time to time, we love to consider ourselves as the biggest, strongest, and surely the most reliable event technology partner out there! We are growing stronger as time goes by and there’s no doubt that we have a fantastic team with the technical capabilities in place to support events of any size. Bring on the giants!