Technological development is a major factor in the evolution of various areas of life. The modern generation of young people doesn’t even know what the words “floppy disk” or “tape recorder” mean. For less than 10 years, our lives were agitated by smartphones, laptops, tablets and other state-of-the-art gadgets that were once considered as nothing more than a fiction.

The velocity of this evolution of technologies is not slowing down by any means. Regularly, dozens of innovations that can be implemented across numerous industries are introduced by developers. A high rate of competition in the market promotes a more profound elaboration of quality and features of products. It should be noted that such advancements are not aimed at consumers only.

Singapore takes an important place in the development of global innovations since the country has such incredible business potential. Event management in Singapore is a special niche of business. Nowadays, the city is a popular tourist center with more than 16 million people in the annual flow of tourists.

Event Technologies in Singapore for the last few years

During the last years, the event trends in Singapore experienced technological growth. The development of tourism entailed the growth of other areas and industries of the country. Singapore has become the perfect venue for high-profile events related to sports, finance, health, science etc. Hence, the event managing companies have become using innovative technologies to provide qualitative services to their customers.

Automation of marketing and email

It sounds incredible, but email automation has achieved an epic level of growth in recent years. Despite the surge of social networks and messaging applications, email remains an essential part of the promotional campaigns for event organizers. The use of such software tools as Pardot, Hubspot, Eloqua and others, enables to send more customized and relevant electronic letters to potential visitors. Actually, email is considered the major marketing channel for event organizers.

Live Streaming

Live broadcasting is a popular trend of our time. This solution is widely used by not only the bloggers or private users but also the event managing agencies for broadcasting different events. The technologies for live streaming are used to building the audience resulting in the growth of ticket sales for an event.

Artificial Intelligence

Don’t be afraid, we’re not talking about Skynet or something along those lines. Such services as Siri by Apple, or Cortana by Google, are aimed at providing event visitors with more customized and engaging experiences by offering their preferences or assisting in logistics.

Trending Technologies for Event Planning

The improvements in planning event focus on facilitating the work of event planners. The innovations are mostly related to automation of various processes.

Radio frequency identification

It is known as RFID. This system provides numerous benefits to organizers such as accelerating registration time, quantitative and qualitative data analysis, and simple convenience for both users and attendees. Using RFID gives the potential for larger engagement of attendees with the event. Besides, this technology enables numerous useful features including sending data, updating social media, check-in, and monitoring.

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology includes smart watches, Google Glasses etc. In addition to the huge popularity of these gadgets, they have an enormous potential to be implemented into the planning process. Event planners may use these devices in all sorts of according to their imagination.

Trending Technologies for Event Marketing

Event marketing is another integral part of event management. It plays a significant role in the promotion of products, brands, and events. The technologies for events in 2017 are mostly represented by software tools and apps.

Event Apps

Event applications provide a great opportunity to combine various activities of event marketers and incorporate them all in one convenient way. It should be noted that modern event apps have to be multi-use because developing an app for one particular event is not efficient and unprofitable. Users are not interested in downloading an app for one use only. Hence, the multipurpose applications are the future in event marketing.

Online services for event marketing

In the web, there are numerous online services to assist in event marketing activities. These include Lanyrd (social conference directory to promote your event), Bizzabo (platform for registration, marketing and promoting your event), DoubleDutch (platform for implementation of your event) and many others.

Trending Technologies for Event Organizing

The organization of the event itself is the third essential step of event management. This process includes the fruition of the planned activities of the event. In order to optimally achieve success for your event, the attendees should be excited and sometimes, maybe even shocked. Which makes sense, given the organizers attempt to implement various technologies.

Virtual or augmented reality

A common example of the use of virtual/augmented reality is Pokemon GO. This game became popular worldwide within days. The app includes planning and mapping massive events that unite thousands of people throughout the globe.

The potential of VR/AG is endless. It’s the best way to increase the attendees’ engagement in the event.

Beacon sensors

Proximity beacons or BLE beacons are small devices that broadcast signals to smartphones or tablets of attendees. As a rule, this technology is aimed at the area of sales. However, the implementation of proximity beacons in events can bring a lot of benefits for organizers. If using beacons in conjunction with event app, the event managers obtain an uber secret weapon to boost the engagement of visitors.

Other new Technologies for event marketers in 2017

Technologies for events in Singapore continue to develop. The above-mentioned trending technologies for events in 2017 are only a part of all the possible innovative implementations that could be realized within. The main objective is to make attendees feel comfortable and excited during the event. For this reason, the development of other tools or software will go on.

Now, have a look at the main event technology trends in 2017.

Drones and robots

This new trend in event management focuses on the development of devices, gadgets, which can assist in numerous spheres of activities. Nowadays, you’ll hardly find a person surprised by a quadrocopter. The potential for this device is being achieved in cinema production, event management, military operations etc. The same thing relates to robots. There are several companies that are engaged in the development of machines, which will be able to perform some human functions faster and more effectively. Event marketers will definitely benefit from this technology, because of the broad area of application of event management.

Facial recognition

The face of a person is a key indicator of mood and intention. For this reason, event marketers would be very pleased to obtain technology that could assist in reading faces. Based on this, they could reveal the visitors’ negative or positive feedback in real-time during the event. Facial expressions usually do not lie. Therefore, facial recognition technology is a much-desired tool for event management.


Everyday investors offer new things or innovations. It’s impossible to foresee what will come next. The industry of event management is able to take advantage of most developed inventions. Event trends in 2017 keep up with the times so technological development will not lag behind.